Top 7 Content Writing Courses in Mumbai In 2021

So you have decided on a content writing career? Looking for the best content writing courses in Mumbai? We have prepared a list.


Top Content Writing Courses in Mumbai


Mumbai is the economic capital of India but it is also its media-hub. The city is the center of all the media related activities like film-making, advertising, TV news, and print journalism.


This is what makes Mumbai one of the best cities in India to start a career in media. And since all these activities require creating lots of content, content writing is a popular profession in Mumbai.


Naturally, there are many great content writing courses in Mumbai. Some of them started out as marketing agencies while others were started by a group of experts aiming to train the next generation of media professionals.


It is a fact that every news agency or advertising agency in India has at least one office in Mumbai. Mumbai is a significant media hub not just in the South East Asia region but in the whole world.


Mumbai is also one of the cities that offer the highest median salaries to content creators. All kinds of content including film, music, podcasts, radio, short videos, as well as print are created here.  It is an ideal city to start a content writing career. In addition to experience in writing, Mumbai also gives the opportunity for writers to work with creators in different types of media.


There is a great demand for content writers in Mumbai. Content writers are required in journalism, in advertising, in Public relations, in publishing, and in content writing agencies. There are also many magazines of different types that always need writers.


So content writers work in teams with members possessing different skill sets. This gives a more exciting and fulfilling experience than working alone or in small content agencies.


There are also many businesses in Mumbai that need full-time content writers. These are commonly technical, business, accounting, or legal writers. So there are plenty of job opportunities for all types of content writers.


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Why content writing is a great career?


Content writing is one of the hottest jobs currently. Especially after the rise of the gig economy, content writing is one of the major career options. The biggest reason for that is freelancing. And we know how beneficial freelancing can be.


Freelance content writing allows professionals to work from anywhere they want. They could be staying at home, traveling, or working part-time. As long as they complete the assignments on time, it doesn’t matter where they work. This is a boon for people who want to travel more but can’t find time due to their work schedule.


This means no hassle of the daily commute, and consequently, more time for family, friends, and leisure. Freelancers can also work more for extra income and they waste less of their resources.


They can find clients online, submit their pitch online, research, write, and submit the assignments completely online.


We see that there is a huge demand for content writers globally. But specifically in India, there is even more. India, having one of the world’s largest service industry, has many advantages when it comes to freelance work like content writing.


Due to the wide availability of high-speed internet connection today, Indians are very well connected to the world. More than 50% of Indians have internet connection today. It may not be much compared to many other big economies but internet penetration in India is growing fast.


In terms of business that can be done online, this means Indians are technically as much equipped to take on international projects as any other person in the world. There is another reason for the wide popularity of the service industry in India.


Like most countries in Asia, India has cheap labor. This is mainly due to the difference in the exchange rates of the currencies. Essentially, this means, Indians, when working for an overseas client, can earn much more, while still being cost-effective to them.


Because Indian writers can charge much less for the same work than any writer in, say, the US, UK, Australia, or Canada.


But why India? Why not any other Asian country?


This is because India is one of the few Asian countries where its people speak and write fluent English. Many Indians boast of great proficiency in English. So many of us even have English as their mother tongue while other bilinguals have improved it while keeping it as a second language.


These are the reasons content writing career is more in demand in India and the subcontinent compared to any other country.


Who can do content writing work?


Content writing does not require any specific qualifications. Since there are different genres of writing, there can be writers with varied educational backgrounds. However, most professional content writers have majored in journalism, mass communication, or literature. These degrees are even more essential when a content writer wants to be promoted to the content editor.


In the case of technical writing, content writers who have a relevant degree are preferred. For example, for writing articles about the software or IT products, a writer with an engineering background or perhaps an engineer who works as a part-time content writer, is preferred.


Similarly, content in the legal or medical genre is written by legal or healthcare professionals, respectively. This is because no writer in other fields of occupation is expert enough to write on these subjects. Due to these special requirements, technical writers also earn more than normal content writers for the same amount of work.


So who can do content writing? The best thing about content writing is that a writer can put various levels of commitment to the profession of content writing. A content writer can be full-time, part-time, or a freelancer.


A full-time content writer ideally works with a content agency or the content department of any company. They get a fixed salary every month. The writers are strictly in charge of producing content and no other responsibilities are loaded on them. There is separate staff for client prospecting and account management.


A full-time content writer does not have to deal with the business side of the operations. They can limit themselves to just writing.


A part-time content writer is either a working professional who writes in their spare time, a college student, or someone who has other responsibilities. They usually cannot dedicate whole days to work.


Part-time content writers often have different motivations for writing. Some of them want to improve their writing skills while others just want to earn some extra income and use their little free time. Typically stay-at-home parents and students fall in this category.


Freelance content writers are the ones who treat content writing as an entrepreneur. Apart from content writing, they also handle the business side of things. They find new clients themselves. They do the pitch. They often handle the accounts and do the taxation work.


Freelancers earn the most in an equal amount of work. This is a perk for them because they handle all the operations. While agency content writers are responsible for only writing and are spared of other tedious work.


Freelancers enjoy most of the benefits too. They can charge their own rates and negotiate. Since they do not usually have an office, they can work from anywhere. They do not have to commute daily. They can work anytime they want so they don’t have to apply for leave or ask for going home early on some days. This way, they save hours every day and improve their quality of life.


This dynamic nature of the content writing profession is what attracts people from various walks of life and background.


Anyone can write content as long as they have an opinion and some decent writing skills.






IIM SKILLS is one of the most credible and reliable content writing courses in Mumbai as well as in all of India. Their curriculum is recognized in the whole industry as one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date.


IIM SKILLS has more than 5 years of experience in training professionals in the field of content writing and digital marketing. They have trained more than 4300 personnel from more than 30 countries into the career of their dreams.


Some of the course highlights include:

  • 16-hour intensive theory sessions
  • More than 60 hours of practical assignments and case studies
  • Free digital marketing tools worth INR 35,000
  • Placement assistance
  • Internship opportunity
  • Lifetime access to course material


The IIM SKILLS Content Writing Master Course (CWMC) has 12 modules that encompass all the skills required to learn content writing.


Every student is required to start his/her own website and set it up in the first module. Students are taught how to develop and to design a website as per the principles of UI and UX. This results in an aesthetically pleasing website and a smooth user experience.


Students are taught how to look for a blog niche that is profitable and viable. Anybody can start a blog by writing a few articles but making money through your blog requires some research and study.


The next module deals with various types of content. These typically include blogs, ad copy, press releases, social media posts, emails, newsletters, ebooks, and such. Since the purpose of each type of content is different, their content differs considerably. Knowing how to write each type of content is an essential skill for any content writer.


The next module focuses on the technical aspects of content writing. ‘Keyword search’ is one of them. Students are taught what kind of keywords to look for based on their search traffic and their position in the sales funnel for the brand they are writing for.


Then, the process of content creation is dealt with. This includes the content workflow starting from content planning, keyword search, research, data collection, outlining content, writing, proofreading, editing, and publishing. During writing, special emphasis is given to optimizing the piece of content for search engines, how to write in a persuasive manner, and how to perform branding through content.


Over the next modules candidates will learn how to use various digital marketing and SEO tools. These include the most commonly used tools like Ubersuggest,, google keyword planner, google trends, and more.


Once the writing part is over, the content writing course shifts its focus on marketing it. Various channels including social media and email can be used to promote content. Students are also taught how to use various tools to optimize the content promotion process.


Special emphasis is given to social media for content promotion and getting social traffic to a website. Since social media is an indispensable tool for connecting to the audience, a content writer needs to be proficient in social media skills.


In the last few modules, candidates in this content writing course in Mumbai learn how to find employment opportunities in content writing. Those who prefer to work as freelancers learn how to find new clients, how to pitch, and how to negotiate, for seizing great and consistent work.


The IIM SKILLS content writing course is one of the few courses in Mumbai that places more importance on actual case studies and practical assignments. IIM SKILLS believes that once enough theory has been taught, the only way students absorb the lessons is by practicing what they have learned. This is the only way to develop your skill.


The classes in this content writing course are completely online. This gives students the opportunity to learn from the masters while sitting at any location. All a student needs is a computer with an internet connection.


Once a student completes the course, he/she gets lifetime access for the course material. IIM SKILLS updates its course from time to time keeping in mind the changing landscape of content marketing and improving search algorithms. Once the curriculum is updated, even the old students will get access to the new material.


The IIM SKILLS content writing course is not just about writing. It teaches all the skills required of a content marketer. Students are taught the fundamentals of branding and sales funnel and how to use it to create a unique brand positioning.


TBS Digital marketing institute


TBS, or The Brand Salon, is another great institute with widely acclaimed courses in digital marketing and content writing in Mumbai. The institute has trained more than 10,000 professionals in over a decade.


The content writing course highlights are:

  • Expert faculty
  • Live projects
  • Placement assistance
  • Well-recognized certificate
  • Support after course completion


The course is considered one of the best content writing courses in Mumbai. It begins with an overview of improving candidates’ language skills. Classes on the importance of storytelling to create user engagement are quite useful and fun. Students brush up their grammar and punctuation skills.  They also learn how to create a unique ‘tone of voice’ for a brand through its content.


The next module casts light on understanding the target market and their psychology. Students learn how different types of sentences and writing impacts readers in different ways. Then they are taught how to use these lessons in psychology to create a desired effect on the audience.


In the next part of this content writing course, the focus is on the technical aspect of writing for digital media. Various techniques for optimization of digital content under SEO are discussed extensively. Students are taught the difference in writing for different media.


Various forms of writing are discussed. This includes content for blogs, ads, social media, email, press releases, landing pages, banners, and so on. Students are also taught the fundamentals of technical as well as creative writing.


In the end, students are taught the importance of editing and how to edit and proofread content, for how long, and what to consider while editing your writing.


TBS is a premier institute in Mumbai that has various courses on digital marketing fields. There are also short courses on social media management, SEO, and google analytics.


The institute is located in Dadar and Malad in Mumbai and Vashi in Navi Mumbai. All batches are classroom batches.


Content Writing Courses


‘Content writing courses’ is an institute in Dadar, Mumbai that organizes courses on content writing. The institute was founded by an expert in digital marketing, author, and brand marketing consultant.


This content writing course in Mumbai is aimed at bloggers, media professionals, entrepreneurs, college students, and individuals looking to work from home.


The chief features of this course are:


  • This is an 8-week course
  • Batch strength capped at 10 students per batch
  • Students receive 5 coursebooks
  • Certification
  • Placement assistance


The course is divided into 8 modules. The first one begins with the basics of content creation, storytelling, and writing techniques. Students learn various sections of an article or copy and learn the significance of each of them. They learn how to research and plan the content before beginning the process of writing.


Then students are taught how to find a profitable niche in blogging and how to monetize your blog.


Over the next few modules, students learn how to write various types of content like blogs, ads, social media, and so on. Special emphasis is given to ebooks and how to write one.


Then the course teaches how to work as a freelance content writer and find work consistently. For people who wish to work a full-time writing career, steps to find content writing jobs are mentioned.


Students get 5 books that deal with various lessons in content writing. Students who complete the course are awarded the certification.




IIDE stands for the Indian Institute for Digital Education. It has been established in 2016 and has stayed at the forefront of digital marketing training. It is located in Andheri, Mulund, and Churchgate in Mumbai. It has another center in Navi Mumbai.


Here are some of the features of this one of the best content writing courses in Mumbai:


  • 2-month online course
  • 6-month live classroom course
  • Project-based learning
  • Both weekday and weekend programs


The whole course is divided into 2 main sections.


The first section or module deals with the basics of content creation, types of content, writing skills, and editing. It focuses on the optimization of content for search engines, content strategy, and learning to read analytics.


The second module deals with lessons in client relations and management. It teaches students how to look for new clients, how to form business relations, how to negotiate, and how to develop your network.


All the skills are taught by marketing professionals who are active in their fields. This way students learn the latest skills prevailing in the industry. The sessions are interactive and enthusiastic participation from students is encouraged.




This is another great content writing institute in Mumbai that is widely regarded for its professional approach to marketing and content. They have centers in Mumbai as well as Thane.


The institute was founded in 2007 and, therefore, has more experience in training professionals in digital marketing than other institutes. The institute has strong industry connections that can be witnessed from its extensive clientele. It started with courses in graphic design, digital marketing, and web design.


Course Features of this institute:



This content writing course in Mumbai is a weekend course. The course comprises of various skills related to writing as well as marketing the content.


The course begins by highlighting the difference between online content and offline. Students are taught what makes a piece of content great and compelling. Social media is of paramount importance in today’s rising competitive content marketing space.


The faculty at the institute are industry experts. The course provides live experience on projects. This helps students learn by practicing rather than by a theoretical approach.


Spiti Infotech Education


Spiti Infotech is a digital marketing agency and institute in CBD Belapur in Navi Mumbai. The agency has been serving clients in the fields of digital marketing and content marketing for a few years and has now taken upon imparting those skills to a new generation of content creators and marketers.


There are various short courses in digital marketing like SEO, SEM, Social media marketing, pay-per-click, various analytics tools, and more. The content writing course is called the Content Creation and Marketing course.


Features of this content writing course in Mumbai:


  • The course has 20-hour of live sessions
  • The course is inclusive of puzzles, theory, and practical sessions
  • Focus on various types of content





Textuar was set up in 2011 and has been conducting professional courses in writing ever since. The institute believes in strong content as the core of any marketing effort. Therefore, there is a great emphasis on writing style and quality.


Textuar advocates the role of client in the content creation process as paramount. A content writer is required to fully understand the vision of the client and deliver results as per their requirements. Clients are very fulfilled by Textuar’s approach and professionalism about their creation as well as their curriculum.


Features of this content writing course in Mumbai:


  • An online course is available
  • More focus on writing skills
  • Different types of writing styles
  • Powerful and impactful writing



Mumbai is the media hub and there are plenty of content writing courses in Mumbai.


Learning content writing in Mumbai is beneficial due to the proximity of job market. Mumbai has the highest demand for content writers today that any other city in India.


With the help of weekend and online content writing courses, aspirants can manage their time and learn after their college or work.


Vaibhav Kakkar

Vaibhav Kakkar is an Indian Entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. He is the founder of IIMSKILLS, Coursedekho, and Advisor Uncle and writes blogs on digital marketing, the content industry, career development, and education. He has been instrumental in helping various brands across different sectors with their marketing initiatives. He is the author of the book Word Castle "Building a content marketing business" and is a mentor to budding digital marketers.

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  • September 7, 2021 at 1:31 pm

    All the institutes offering this course are tempting. I am very positive about this decision, I want to take up the IIM SKILLS course. I am hoping for the best results. Thanks again!

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    Hi. I got my first job in content writing in 2019. Since then, I have been working with Amazon and been writing product descriptions. Over the years, I did this only and didn’t explore other forms of writing. Now, I want to explore and be looking for more courses. A full course with rigorous and different forms of content will be helpful. Thanks


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