Best Digital Marketing Course in Uttam Nagar in 2021 (Updated)

It wouldn’t be much of a hassle when it comes to looking for the best digital marketing course in Uttam Nagar since the city is loaded with some of the finest institutes that offer digital marketing courses.

Before we get to know about the best digital marketing course in Uttam Nagar, here’s what you must know about digital marketing.


Any type of marketing process which involves the use of any electronic device to pass on a certain message to the audience and simultaneously judge its impact on the audience can be defined as digital marketing. In general, marketing digitally can be defined as arranging for campaigns to market their product and pass on communication to the audience through the mode of many electronic devices which includes computers, mobile phones, tablets, or any other device.

This marketing process can be taken place in many forms such as posting an online video, showing advertisements, and also using social media platforms to convey the message. Digital Marketing can also be defined as traditional marketing as well.

For example, in traditional marketing bulletin boards, advertising through magazines is used. But in digital marketing, it becomes very easier as it helps a particular brand to reach a large number of audiences at once without much human interference. Digital Marketing can also be named online marketing, which promotes a particular brand to reach prospective customers through the internet medium and many other digital communications.


Digital Marketing is considered to be a very precious asset to grow business along with increasing the online presence as well. As with the increasing time, the internet is becoming daily bread and butter for everyone. Many digital marketing methods like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay per click (PPC) on advertisements has been proven to be successful for 80% of the industries across the world. Digital Marketing is required to match the speed with the growing world and technology. 

Let us know about some of the reasons to specify in details that what role digital marketing plays for any brand which are as follows-


  • In this modern world, everything is on the internet. From entertainment to important news. People around every hook and corner spend most of their time on Internet only. Then why not take an advantage of it? As specified earlier too digital marketing means the promotion of a brand through various means of the online platform. Many people spent their time just browsing so if the information about digital marketing is on their news feed it makes our work easier. Also, for any business to grow to create an online presence is a must.


  • This process of marketing is already used by many competitors. Competition is increasing day by day in every business. They are already taking advantage of different types of digital marketing. And for any brand to survive whether new or old it is very important to give tough competition to your competitors. Therefore, to survive for a longer period using all means of the method is very important. 


  • With digital marketing, it becomes easier to survive in the market of big brands like Walmart, Amazon, etc. They have already created a big name for themselves in the market. Therefore, to stick in this competitive world digital marketing plays a very vital role. Using different methods of digital marketing helps to increase the ranking too on the google page. If a brand can create content material by using more appropriate keywords concerning their competitors, then it is also possible to gain more ranks than them. Also, digital marketing helps to get more leads as well.


  • Targeting the right set of customers is one of the very important reasons why digital marketing is very important. It’s nothing better than giving a particular product or service to the customers been targeted directly. It not only makes our work easier but also shapes our business too in the right direction as well. 


  • Building strong relationships with customers- Through digital marketing, it becomes very easy to have daily conversations with your customers on a real-time basis. However, speaking to your customers on a real-time basis is not possible in the case of physical marketing. It becomes very easy for customers to not only see a particular post posted by a particular brand but also to like, share, and comment too and give their necessary feedback. This increases their trust too in the brand service and quality. More the level of engagement more buzzing about the product which plays a very vital role for a particular brand

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After having a brief understanding of digital marketing let us know about the top 5 digital marketing course in Uttam Nagar to Choose from-

Best Digital Marketing Course in Uttam Nagar

Digital Marketing Course in Uttam Nagar

Rank #1:

IIM SKILLS- Whenever the word digital marketing is been heard then IIM SKILLS is known to be a very renowned name for learning digital marketing in Uttam Nagar. They provide training in a very comprehensive manner, along with theoretical knowledge practical experience by solving case studies and completing assignments on time students get to learn a lot. With digital marketing courses, IIM SKILLS also provides training in different other courses as well content writing, GST, and CAT preparation as well to all the candidates all over India. 

Digital Marketing course comprises of 180+ hours of comprehensive long training along with more than 15 live projects and more than 10 case studies are given to be solved. One gets a chance to master more than 40+ digital marketing modules. It is a 3 monthly program and the fees of the course are INR 29,900+GST. 

One of the biggest advantages of enrolling in a digital marketing course is that after completing the course students get a guaranteed 3 months internship as well. Students get an opportunity of launching their first digital marketing agency. Not only this they also get a chance to write their first blog for Times of India as well. 

Doing this course from IIM SKILLS also helps in launching your first podcast with Apple, Google, and Spotify as well which are well-known brands to everyone. It helps to launch our first youtube channel and also go live with the affiliating marketing as well.

Once a candidate enrolls for this course, they not only get access to tools for free which is worth Rs 79,000 but they also get lifetime free access to the class recording sessions and practical sessions as well so that they can refer to it whenever they stuck anywhere or need any help in the future. 

IIM SKILLS is the institute which helps their students all his life even when the course is completed. They guide their students in every step until they are successfully settled with their job.  


Rank #2

IIDE(INDIAN INSTITUTE OF DIGITAL EDUCATION)- IIDE is also one of the top institute known for digital marketing. The duration of the course is 2 months which is approximately 12 hours per week. It provides more than 40 hours of video learning and more than 70 hours of live learning. 

The fee for the course is INR 67,795+GST. Candidates enrolling for digital marketing course here get 100% placement assistance and also gets an opportunity to study from faculties who are known to be experts from the industry. One can complete 7 modular assignments with 8 brand projects also. Post which students are eligible for certification from IIDE and also get a chance to avail of 13+ more certifications too if they choose to. 

For additional doubts, one on one mentoring is also given to the students so that they don’t face any problems when they get an opportunity in the real world. 


Rank #3

DIGITAL VIDYA(A DECADE OF EXCELLENCE)-  Digital Vidya was launched in the year 2009 by providing Social media training workshops. Slowly and gradually, they started providing training for digital marketing courses as well. After they started this new program, they received a lot of appreciation from the audience 

After completing its 11 years into this they have trained almost 35,000 students. They have been able to convert the careers of many students. Its course syllabus includes the following-

  1. Email-marketing
  2. Search engine marketing
  3. Web Analytics
  4. Media buying and planning
  5. How to become a freelancer in digital marketing
  6. Adobe analytics
  7. E-commerce listing and Marketplace Listing
  8. Lead sourcing
  9. Search engine optimization 
  10. Programmatic marketing


For detailed information about the course covered one can log in to their website. 

The course duration is of total 3 months and the course fees are INR 49,990/-.

Benefits of enrolling for this course in digital Vidya are-

  1. Students get access to tools worth Rs. 70,000/-
  2. 100% placement assistance.
  3. 2 certificates from digital vidya on completion
  4. 2 internship opportunities
  5. In total, more than 40 modules are covered 
  6. Server space
  7. Landing page
  8. 1 VSkills certified certificate etc. 


#Rank 4

DIDM(DELHI INSTITUTE OF DIGITAL MARKETING)- Delhi institute is also on the list of the leading institute in Delhi known for digital marketing training. They are in this industry for now almost more than 12 years now and have successfully trained more than 7000 students. 

DIDM offers training in both offline as well as online modes. The duration of the training conducted offline is between 3 to 4 months while for online training it is between 5 to 6 months. They offer three types of courses which are Master’s course, advanced course, and customized course.

With different types of varieties fee structure also varies. For the master course, the fee is INR 48,490, for the advanced course the fee structure is INR 38, 490 while for the customized course the fee structure is 17,518. All three are inclusive of taxes. 

The modules covered in all three types of courses are the same but the fees for all three vary because of the additional benefits students are been given which is also not the same for all three varieties of courses offered. 

For more details on the digital marketing course, one can log in to their website. 


#Rank 5

SITHUB- SITHUB was established in the year 2010 and is operated by HEDKEY INDIA PVT LTD. It is a Delhi-based training center that focuses on computer training as well as other education training. One of which includes training in digital marketing.

They have been successful in providing job placements to more than 1700 students in reputed companies of the industry. SITHUB also tends to focus more on practical approaches rather than providing theoretical knowledge to the students. 

There are two types of courses offered by them. One is the basic digital marketing course which only covers the basics of digital marketing and the other is the advanced digital marketing course which covers not only basics but covers subjects more deeply and covers niche topics as well. 

The course duration of the basic digital marketing course is 3 months and for advanced digital marketing, the course is 6 months. Advantages of enrolling for this course in this institute are-

  1. 100% placement assistance
  2. Practical training from industry experts
  3. Live projects experience. 
  4. Lifetime guidance for the course and many more.

For detailed information on the fee structure for both the type, of course, one needs to login to their website. 



In the above-mentioned article, we read about the top 5 digital marketing institutes from where we can choose to take training in Uttam Nagar. After getting comprehensive information it is on the different individuals what they opt for. But as per my recommendation, I would highly recommend a candidate to pursue training from IIM SKILLS. This is because the first thing amongst all the institutes is the fee, they charge which is the lowest in IIM SKILLS.

Not only this they not only give access to the free tools and lectures but they also give guaranteed internship opportunity, other certifications which are widely accepted even in abroad. Many other advantages such as writing blogs, creating youtube channels, launching its first podcast, etc. that too low prices.

Students enrolling in IIM SKILLS are not been left on their own after they complete their training. They are been guided for their life until they are been settled in their respective choice of field so that they are been shown the right path to move ahead. So let’s choose the top institute to take comprehensive training on digital marketing and learn something new and innovation

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