Best Digital Marketing Course in Belgaum 2021 (Updated)

In this article, we will read about the top digital marketing course in Belgaum let us first understand the role of the digital marketer so that we have a clear understanding of the scope of digital marketing and any candidate choosing to move ahead with this career ahead.

There are dozens of institutes that offer digital marketing courses in Belgaum, and to find which among them is the best course, you’ll have to go through the details of the courses. Here are few details about digital marketing and the best digital marketing course in Belgaum that will help you decide better.

Role of a Digital Marketer


Nowadays when everything is digital, people all around the world spent most of their time on the internet. It is very easily accessible from any corner of the world. As per the research, full access to the digital world was given almost 10 years ago. As time is changing internet has become a survival point for everyone.

People all over the world spend their 80% of their internet time through mobile phone only. The remaining they spent with other electronic devices like desktops, laptops, tabs, etc. After access to this internet world, people have started doing every job through the internet only, whether it is buying clothes, buying groceries for the month, transferring money through online banking. Everything is on the tip of the internet wherein it becomes very easy to do anything in seconds.

During this pandemic, the use of the digital world has increased day by day. Earlier people use to access the internet only for their basic requirements, but people nowadays are studying online, office work is also done through online medium, students are playing online too.

This means that for companies and organizations it is very easy to reach their target customers through online mediums. And since digital marketing has become a very important method of marketing to promote their products and services organizations and companies require digital marketers on a huge scale.

This also signifies that any person who chooses to move ahead in their career as a digital marketer will never be short of career opportunities. This is because creating awareness amongst the targeted customers about their products and services is equally important. Digital marketing not only helps to create awareness but also helps to stay in continuous touch with its customers as well.

Let us read about some of the steps which a person as a digital marketer should follow to move ahead successfully-

  • Attending different network affairs- As we understand by the term digital marketing, it is very important to build strong relationships with the people around us. This also means that this can be done by meeting different people of different sectors who are from the field altogether. And this is possible only when a digital marketer attends different seminars, conferences, etc.


  • Building a strong connection with like-minded people helps a lot to create a separate presence in the digital market. And this not only helps to build relationships but also improves our communication skills along with that it also helps us to learn that mistakes are not to be repeated.


  • Finding a suitable internship program- Before searching for a job as a digital marketer, the first step a person as a digital marketer should follow is to find a suitable internship program for themselves as it helps a lot to learn and move ahead in their career as a digital marketer.


Best Digital Marketing Course in Belgaum 2021 (Updated)


After having a brief understanding about a digital marketer let us read about top institutes for digital marketing to choose from-

Digital Marketing Course in Belgaum


If any person opts to choose to learn digital marketing and is confused about which institute to choose then IIM SKILLS is an institute they can choose. IIM SKILLS is the leading institute when it comes to digital marketing. Not only this digital marketing course, but IIM SKILLS also helps to train students on various subjects such as GST, CAT preparation, and content writing too.

The course duration is of 3 months which is further divided into more than 180 hours of the session. Not only this they are been given access to free tools worth RS 79,000. The fees of the course are INR 29,000+GST. After completing this course candidates enrolling for the course gets to launch their first digital marketing agency, write their first blog with brands like TIMES OF INDIA along with launching their first podcast also.

After completion of the course, students who successfully clear it gets a master certification from IIM SKILLS. And not only this they also get an opportunity to get 13 more certifications from a brand like GOOGLE, HUBSPOT. Candidates enrolling get 100% internship opportunity and placement assistance also.



Web marketing academy is one of the leading institutes of digital marketing in Belgaum which is form by Christ University. This institute is an official partner for IIM Bangalore digital marketing workshop as well.

Not only digital marketing but web marketing academy provide customized training to professionals, corporates, small businesses, CMO, marketing and sales executives as well. Trainers providing training in this institute pursue more than 17 hours of experience and also provides one of the best digital marketing courses in Belgaum. This institute provides two types of training, one is the fast-track course and the other is the Modern digital marketing executive course. The duration for a fast-track course is 60 days and for modern digital marketing, the executive course is 100 days.

They provide an opportunity for both offline and online classes as well. After course completion, they receive a certificate from the web marketing academy which is globally recognized. With access to live projects, they get a certificate of excellence as well. Fees for the fast-track course are INR 29,000+GST and for the executive course is INR 49,000+GST.



In Belgaum learn digital marketing academy is known exclusively for digital marketing. This institute provides training keeping in mind different methods and techniques to give the best quality training to the candidates enrolling for it.

The curriculum consists of covering more than 50 modules covering all aspects of digital marketing comprehensively. The duration of the course is more than 180 hours of course. This course is certified by L. Jain.

Some of the modules which are covered during the course are Email marketing, Google AdWords, Social media marketing, Affiliate marketing, copywriting, Facebook Ads. After completion of the course students gets an opportunity of 100% internship offer along with placement assistance too.



Students enrolling for digital marketing courses undergo 360-degree learning which also includes soft skills training, personal training, personal development, professional development. The Institute of digital marketing is one of the leading institutes in providing different types of courses. The institute also provides courses in various other subjects such as SEO, SMM, and PPC.

They also provide the facility of short-term courses with an affordable fee structure. Not only this it provides with an opportunity of corporate training as well. The duration of the course is more than 100 hours of live classroom sessions. Candidates enrolling for it get access to free tools worth RS 30,000 and also gets a chance of experiencing 30 live case studies to get more practical experience too. It offers this facility to both freshers and professionals too.

After completion of the course, they get a 100% internship guarantee and placement assistance along with lifetime support from the trainers too.



NIDM tends to provide digital marketing training to Working professionals, as well as to freshers too who are willing to move ahead in their careers as digital marketers. Not only general training but it provides with a facility of corporate training as well. It gives an option of both offline as well as online training to their students.

Trainers in this institute provide training to their students who pursue more than 10 years of experience. Training is provided to the students keeping in mind the latest technologies and methods of digital marketing and also staying up to date with the same on the regular basis.

National Institute of digital marketing provides training following two types of methods. One is an Advanced digital marketing course and the other is a Hybrid Digital marketing course. The fees structure for the advanced course is INR 30,000 and the fee structure for the hybrid course is INR 40,000.

Under the method of the advanced course, basic concepts of digital marketing are covered wherein in the hybrid method, the course is covered comprehensively. But both the courses offer the primary digital marketing methods. NIDM has trained over more than 10,000 students and provide them with an opportunity for an internship as well as placement assistance too. Along with this it also gives an option to access the latest digital marketing too to their candidates as well.

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After getting an in-depth detail about the top 5 institutes wherein students can enroll for a digital marketing course, amongst all I would personally recommend anyone to choose IIM SKILLS for pursuing this course. This is because IIM SKILLS not only provides training and certifications but they also handhold the students very well.

Giving various advantages of presenting yourself in the field is very vital. With the low amount of fees as well they guide students on how to start their career as a digital marketer as a fresher so that they don’t be misguided and lost. Even after the course is completed IIM SKILLS also guides them lifetime even when they need their help and guidance at any point in life.


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