Best Digital Marketing Course in Anna Nagar 2021 (Updated)

To find the best digital marketing course in Anna Nagar, you’ll have to browse through the details of some of the finest digital marketing courses in the locality, learn about their course features, and then decide which one fits your requirements.

If you’re looking for the best digital marketing course in Anna Nagar, this article will guide you through the details of some of the best institutes helping you make more informed and better decisions.

In this modern world, nowadays everything is digital. Especially during this pandemic people have started spending 90% of their time on mobile phones. Which means, that for companies and organization who are willing to promote their brand and services along with providing with the information of the products they are selling by using digital marketing techniques.

But while promoting their brand through digital marketing, offline marketing is equally important. Marketing through different online mediums such as Television, Newspapers, Radio channels, etc.

Nowadays, many people consider digital marketing as their only medium of marketing. Such as email marketing, sending broadcast messages, posting on different social media channels to create awareness about the brand.


Let us learn about different types of digital marketing in detail-


  • Pay-Per-Click- Deals that are done through the Pay-per-click marketing method depend on the quality of keywords which is been used while promoting their brand through their content and advertisement displays as well. Making use of digital marketing through a method of Pay-Per-Click depends on what type of business is using this method. Whether a business is small or large one needs to identify this first. This is because, if a business scale is small then, digital marketing is not an apt method to use but if the business scale is large, then digital marketing is a very suitable method of marketing.


  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)- Social media marketing can be defined as the usage of different social media platforms to promote their products and services. Buying paid ads also helps to engage customers and build relationships with the customers, interact with the customers directly. Receive feedback from them on daily basis and improve as per the feedbacks received.


  • Content Marketing- By continuously creating different types of content by attracting the right set of customers to promote their products and services. The root of digital marketing is providing different content marketing services to their customers. Also creating a webpage and presence on social media platforms is equally important.


  • Email Marketing- Sending messages to the customers via broadcast messages is defined to be email marketing. Many people don’t consider email marketing as an important method of digital marketing. But this also plays a very important role to run a business. This is because organizing different marketing campaigns to stay in touch with their customers continuously so that it becomes easy to sell our products and creates awareness.

Best Digital Marketing Course in Anna Nagar

After having a brief understanding of different types of digital marketing let us know about top digital marketing courses in Anna Nagar to choose from-

Digital Marketing Course in Anna Nagar


All across the cities, IIM SKILLS is known to be a very popular institute while training on various types of courses. Not only for digital marketing but for other courses as well which include digital marketing, content writing, CAT preparation, training about GST, and many more. Their main focus is to prepare students on both platforms whether it is theoretical or practical. But they tend to concentrate more on practical aspects than theoretical knowledge as it gives candidates enrolling for it a clear picture about their future ahead to choose digital marketing as their career option.

The course comprises a total duration of 3 months which is further divided into more than 180 hours of training. They provide their students with free tools required for digital marketing which is worth RS 79,000. On successful completion of the course, students get a master’s certification from IIM SKILLS.

Not only this they also get an opportunity to launch their first digital marketing agency, their first podcast, and also writing their first blog with a brand company like TIMES OF INDIA.

Apart from all the opportunities mentioned, candidates completing the course also gets an option to get more than 13 certificates that are affiliated with brands like GOOGLE, HUBSPOT, etc. In the end, they also are awarded an opportunity of 3 months guaranteed internship and 100% placement assistance as well. The fees of the course are INR 29,900+GST.



Indian institute of digital education that is IIDE has established its brand name as the best digital marketing institute amongst all the other institutes. In the year 2020, they have also been awarded for the same.

In comparison to many other institutes, IIDE does not encourage its students to learn and read from pre-prepared presentations shown during the class. Rather they tend to provide live classes to their students and provide live doubt sessions also so that students enrolling in the course do not leave with any doubt in their mind after a particular class is completed.

IIDE believes in a curriculum that is designed in a very customized way and is very practical in the real world of digital marketing.

With this growing pandemic, IIDE has already started with online classes as well. This means that it provides, students, both with an offline and online option which their candidates can choose as per their requirement. The duration of the course varies between 3 to 4 months which is further divided into 12 hours per week. The fees of the course are INR 67,795+GST with an option of easy EMI available to the students enrolling.

After completion of the course students gets certification from IIDE along with internship opportunity along and placement assistance as well.



The digital scholar is an institute which is based out of Chennai. Students enrolling for digital marketing courses from this institute is benefited from an option of online as well as offline classes too. Therefore, students can choose any option they are willing to take.

They follow an approach which is defined as “ Agency Learning Approach” is which considered being an in-house training which focuses on training more on practical approach rather than theoretical methods. Students are been allowed to learn different practical approaches such as working collaboratively, personality development, and many more practical methods as well.

The duration of the course is 3 months. After completing the digital marketing course, students get a certification from digital scholar and also get an opportunity to get an internship as well as placement assistance too. For more details, one has to visit the website of the course to get details comprehensively.



Digital academy 360 was established in the year 2015 by Mr. Yogesh Sashi. When it comes to digital marketing digital academy 360 is known to be one of the renowned institutes in Anna Nagar. Till now they have trained almost more than 20,000 candidates across the city.

Not only this they have also been awarded as “Best digital marketing institute” in India by Indian education Awards 2019 which is considered to be a leading achievement for them.

Not only digital marketing this institute provides training in various other courses as well which includes graphic designing, Web designing, Web development, and many more.

Keeping in mind the goals of the clients as their priority so that they are been trained accordingly. After completion of the course, they get a completion certificate from the institute along with placement assistance as well.


Rank #5- 360 DIGI TMG

This institute is considered to be one of the leading institutes for providing training in the field of digital marketing. As we read before, the demand for digital marketers and the scope of digital marketing are increasing day by day. Therefore, 360 DIGI TMG aims to provide training to the students more on practical approach.

Their course is designed in such a way that their approach of teaching to the students is done in collaboration with the industry experts in the field of digital marketing. This process also helps their candidates to get comprehensive knowledge about the fundamentals of digital marketing.

The duration of the course is for two months which is further divided into 60 hours of video sessions and 100 hours of classroom sessions. Not only this the course also comprises practical assignments and more than 480 hours of long sessions to train students in a more detailed manner.

After completion of the course, students get a certification from the institute and also the opportunity of an internship program along with placement assistance. For more details on the fee structure, one needs to visit the website to get information about it and also clear your doubts if any.

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In the above article, one can have a brief knowledge about the digital marketing courses, types, how to proceed further, and which institute to choose. Above all the institutes mentioned above, I would personally recommend candidates looking forward to proceeding with their career option in digital marketing should go for IIM SKILLS.

For any student enrolling for any course ahead, the first important factor for them is the fees and they are interested in other features provided. And second is that who will guide them after completion of the course. And IIM SKILLS is an institute which satisfies both the factor and makes it easier for students to choose.

Therefore, along with all the key essentials required for completion of the course IIM SKILLS is an institute that not only provides comprehensive training to its students but also guides them lifelong.



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