Best Air Hostess Courses: Fees, Scope, Salary and More

Recently, the demand for air hostess courses has increased tremendously. This shows the increased interest in the profession of air hostess, and in order to become one, there are certain requirements. Let’s discuss in detail about air hostess courses, career scope, salary, and more.

Many young girls are aspiring to have a career in the aviation industry. There are plenty roles in the aviation industry and air hostess remain one of the most sought after job roles when it comes to the aviation industry. After all, it’s not that easy to get a job as an air hostess for any airline company. As there are very limited staff requirements and the number of candidates applying for the job is huge. One has to be extremely good at the required skills and crafts to crack the air hostess job interview.

There are several parameters for judging the candidate applying for the job of an air hostess. These parameters include personality, postures and gestures, ability to interact, handling high pressure situations, swimming and lot more. One has to be very good at all parameters to get a job as an air hostess. To excel at all qualities the aspirants often look for air hostess courses to learn and master all the requirements for the job. There are so many air hostess courses that offer in-depth professional training for becoming air hostess. There are so many reputed institutes that offer courses and certification training for air hostess.

This article will take your through the very details of each and every little detail needed for becoming an air hostess. The articles contain the available courses for air hostess and their details to help you decide which course fits the best for you. In addition to these details, this will also guide you through the eligibility criteria, career scope, salary and other necessary details that you must know before aiming for a career as an air hostess. Let’s hop right into the article and know more about the best courses for air hostess.

Air Hostess Qualification: Eligibility criteria for becoming air hostess 

Before preparing for the job of an air hostess the first and foremost requirement for any aspirant is to understand the eligibility criteria in detail. Once you qualify the eligibility criteria, you may further think of the other requirements of the job.

There are numerous requirements for one to become an air hostess. Some of the requirements depend upon the agency they’re applying for while the other requirements remain same for all airlines.

Let’s try and understand the eligibility criteria for becoming an air hostess:

Educational Qualifications: The minimum educational qualification a candidate is required to have before applying for the job is 12th  standard or (10+2) in any discipline like Science, commerce, arts, etc.

Academies however prefer candidates who are more qualified than just high school graduates. A degree usually in hospitality management or any other stream is more likely to be considered as compared to the candidates with just 12th standard educational qualification. However, there are certain courses out these that are not degree equivalent yet very much relevant to the profession of air hostess. Academies do consider those courses as the students are given formal training around hospitality and management industry and they’re minted with professional skills that are very much the requirement of the job.

Age Requirements: This requirement might differ based on the policies and terms of different airlines. However, most academies prefer candidates who fall in the age bracket of 18-26 year old.

Physical Standards: In general there are plenty of physical standards for one to qualify for the job, but specifically the height is one parameter upon which recruiting agencies stress a lot. The minimum height of the candidate shall be 157cm.

Health Requirements: The candidate must be physically and mentally healthy, with no history of a mental illness or physical disability. Along with the physical and mental health, one of the key requirements for the job is the eye sight. The candidate is required to have a perfectly healthy vision and the eye sight requirement is 6/9.

These were only some of all the very important eligibility criteria that a candidate needs to qualify in order to be able to apply for the job. Some other requirements that vary with each agency you apply for is marital status, skin tone, etc.

Skills and Responsibility of an air hostess 

The job of an air hostess is not easy. Long flight hours, handling different types of passengers and adhering by the standards of their job is definitely not a child’s play. It comes with a lot of responsibilities and therefore needs a lot of skills.

Some of the basic requirements of the job of an air hostess include behavior and personality. The behavior and personality itself is a vast concept, so let’s understand about the specific requirement related to job.

The job needs extraordinary communication skills. Most of the airline companies look for candidates who are fluent at speaking English and also the native language. Some air lines specifically ask the candidates to learn a certain language. Other than communication, the personality also has a lot to do with the job of an air hostess. As a part of the job the air hostess will have to address the flight passengers, and for that they are required to have a very vibrant personality.

They should be very smart and active at addressing the requirements of the passengers. Sometimes passengers who are not very happy about the service show disappointment, and the air hostess and the cabin crew must know how to deal with such passenger without losing their calm.

Body language and personality has a very important role to play when it comes to performing the job of an air hostess. The body posture and gestures are quite some of the very important traits that the aspirants are required to have for getting the job of the air hostess.

This was little from a lot about the skills and responsibilities of the air hostess and girls who aspire to have the job must pay good attention to the mentioned requirements in order to prepare well for the job of an air hostess.

Air Hostess: Career Scope, Salary, and More 

The airline industry is a very successful industry and with time it has shown immense growth. So, for the young girls wondering about the career scope in the aviation industry as an air hostess, they shall know that depending on the air lines and the job responsibility, the salaries paid are quite good.

Air Hostess Courses

There are certain things to keep in mind before applying for the job of an air hostess. The prime requirement of the airline industry is to employ young girls who are smart and those who have a vibrant personality. But after a certain age, natural aging can be seen on face and the personality which is one of the reasons, the airline industries prefer to replace the older employees with the young generation who are more active, charming and smart.

So, you shall keep in mind that the time frame of this job is relatively less as compared to other jobs, although you could be promoted to senior positions, and even you get other allowances and benefits that come with the job.

Except for the fact that after a certain age, your chances of staying with the airline as an air hostess decreases, there’s a good scope considering the salary and other benefits that come along with the profession.

Salaries of Air Hostess

The salaries of air hostess are quite good in general, however the salaries vary depending upon the airline company. According to a report, the average salary of an Air Hostess in India is INR 5 lac per annum that is close to INR 40,000 per month. According to, the salary of the air hostess is 34% more than the national average salary in India.

The starting salary can be anywhere between 3 lac per annum to 5 lac per annum and depending on the air line and experience the salaries can go as higher than 10 lac per annum.

These were some of the details that you needed to know about the career scope, salary and other details of the career as an Air hostess.

Air Hostess Courses: List of available courses for becoming air hostess 

There are plenty courses that prep you up for the profession of air hostess. Some of them are certification courses, while others are professional courses and few are skill based courses. Depending on the nature of the course, the duration of the course also varies and same is with the fees of the courses. Let’s try and understand the details of the different types of air hostess course and how exactly it can be helpful for the aspirants.

On a broader basis, there are 2 types of courses available for girls aspiring to become air hostesses, they are:

Diploma Courses and Certification Courses

Let’s first talk about the difference between the diploma and the certification courses for Air Hostess. While through diploma you’ll graduate as a candidate with professional education around the aviation industry, the certification skills are formal training around a limited set of skills.

Although the certifications are quite the important documents that will upgrade your resume score and strengthen it, the airlines mostly prefer students with a diploma.

Diploma Courses for Air Hostess Course

There are so many diploma courses for the students and young girls aspiring to become air hostess. These are professional course that are meant to guide the aspirant through a definite set of details that are very much required for the profession.

If the aspirants prefer to go for diploma courses for air hostess they’re given the choice to select a primary subject in which they want to specialize in. There are so many subjects in the options for the students to pursue. Some of the diploma courses for air hostess are:

  • Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Management

This diploma course is specifically meant for the students who aspire to have a career in the aviation industry. After this diploma course, there is a good chance that the students will find opportunities as air hostesses, cabin crew and also in the hospitality and hotel chains. There career right after this diploma course in Aviation and Hospitality Management is quite promising.

  • Diploma in Hospitality and Travel Management

This is similar to the previous one, however, the primary subject in this diploma course is Travel management instead of Aviation. The students who pursue and complete this diploma course are also eligible for becoming air hostess as the course mainly revolves around guiding the students about the behavioral traits and personality development skills. The requirement for soft skills, personality, and communication skills remain the same in hospitality as well as aviation industry.

  • Diploma in Cabin Crew/ Flight Attendant Training

This course is entirely meant for those aspiring to become air hostess, cabin crew and flight attendant. The training structure and syllabus of the course revolves around the core values, concepts, principles of the aviation industry. Students who are quite determined about having a career in the aviation industry will find this course very much relevant as after the completion of the course the students are provided with good set of opportunities.

  • Diploma in Air Hostess Training

As the name suggests, this course is dedicated specifically for girls aspiring to become air hostess. This diploma course in Air Hostess Training will guide the young girls through the very details of the profession of air hostess. Starting for communication, soft skills, behavioral skills, personality development to all other skills required for becoming an air hostess, everything is covered in this course.

Fees for Diploma Courses for Air Hostess: The course fees varies with institutes offering them, however, on an average a regular diploma course in aviation management or air hostess training would cost easily around INR 1,50,000 to 2,50,000.

Certification Courses for Air Hostess

The certification courses usually guide the students about a particular skill required for a profession. Some of the certification courses also groom the students to make them job ready however, they cannot be considered as an equivalent to professional diploma or degree courses.

Having a certification can immensely increase your resume strength and profile score. It shows that you have gone through formal training and have achieved professional mastery on a certain skill. Unlike other mainstream industries the value of certification course is very high in aviation industry. So, it can be a stepping stone for you if you have multiple certifications around a variety of skills.

Some of the certification courses for air hostess are:

  • Aviation Customer Service
  • Air Hostess Training
  • Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant
  • Airlines Hospitality
  • Air Hostess Management

It is very clear that these courses provide training around the job requirements in the aviation industry specifically for the cabin crew, flight attendant and air hostess. The course fees of these certification courses might also vary depending upon the academies offering them however, the standard or average fees of any of these courses would be within a range of INR 50,000 to INR 1,50,000.

Air hostess courses after 12th 

Like it has been mentioned that the minimum eligibility criteria is 12th standard, many girls aspire to become air hostess right after completing their high school. Although the academies mostly consider students with a degree that too having hospitality or any other relevant subject are the key subject, the girls who just graduated their higher secondary education still hold a chance.

You’ll have to be much more presentable and professional to crack the interviews. If you aspire to be an air hostess, right after completing the higher secondary education, you’ll have to start the preparation quite early in time.

You’ll have to make sure your physique is good, and your height meets the eligibility standards of the airline industry. Along with physique and height, you’ll also be required to skill up your communication skills and behavioral skills. You should be able to speak fluent English and your personality shall reflect the smartness.

You might as well want to take some spoken English course or other courses that groom you for the profession of air hostess after completing your 12th standard. These courses guide you through the very details of the requirements of the profession.

Read more about the professional courses


The least you can derive from this article is that the aviation industry is quite an opportunistic space for those who want to have a career in it. Especially for the girls aspiring to become air hostess there is a good scope in career as an air hostess. The perks of career as air hostess includes traveling to places, temporary stays are to be taken care by the airlines, and the salaries are quite good. The only challenge with the job is the industry prefers to have young people over old, and therefore 40 years is the average age for retirement as an air hostess. It requires a person with a good set of communication skills, behavioral traits, personality and body language to get the job of a cabin crew or air hostess.


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